Ahh Sushi / Oh Shucks

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Ahh Sushi / Oh Shucks
in Salt Lake City
22 E 100 S
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Scary intestinal adventures
Sorry, don't do miso. O blood types need Meat Meat Meat! Lamb, Cod, Beef, Halibut. No little hand touched morsels - but there is a sushi place next to the Broadway theatres that has nice atmosphere, fast service, friendly enough, and Gret view ! Even though Ah Shusi is very close to my house, my vibe is it is run by nare do wells who are drugged up or too tired to care enough to really make my credit card sing. Sorry charlie. - Simon Mark , posted 05/13/08
I agree...ahh suck
I guess I have to echo the previous comment since I was also in the party. The restaurant was by no means full and the hostess that greeted us was really "spaced out" definitely not sharing a reality at all similar to the rest of the patrons. We were left in the back with no menus, water or acknowledgment. Unfortunately we were committed to staying due to the size of our group. The only bright spot was the manager at least acknowledged the problem and comped dinner. To be honest, they need to improve service and make sure their staff are in the same reality as the rest of us. - Ranger Bystander , posted 05/11/08
Ahh Suck....
Horribly disappointing service last night! I was very excited to share Ahh Sushi with my co-workers and friends prior to the opera, but it never really happened. It took 30 minutes to be seated (and yes, tables were available!), another hour to get menus and water, another 30 minutes to have our order taken. To really top it off, the order was never fully placed. 2 in our party had to re-place their order and 1 person never did receive their food, coincidentally the one person in our group who has blood sugar issues:( He ended up racing home to make a peanut and butter jelly sandwich to get him through the evening. This is only the second meal that I (or someone in my party) has insisted the meal be complimentary. I still recommend Ahh Sushi for lunch, but avoid it at all costs for dinner! - Ranger , posted 05/11/08
ahh sushi, is right
definitely my favorite sushi place in town. deliciouis and decently priced. the place has a fun atmosphere and with oh shucks in the next roomthere's plenty of spirits and pool to be enjoyed. i also like the private seating behind these cool japanese paper screens for parties of five or more. - Nikita , posted 06/23/07
My favorite
Ahh sushi is my favorite sushi restaurant in SLC. They have a comfortable atmosphere along with a bar attached. How can you beat that? I usually have some sushi, then go next door and have a couple beers. Excellent place and great employees. Their rolls are the BEST! - Corey , posted 12/28/05

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